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18 Important and useful Google Chrome plugins

As we all know, a plugin is a software or a module added to a system to give extra features or functions to the system.

Google Chrome being one of the top Internet browsers,thousands of plugins and extensions are made available by it in the chrome web store.These are the most important and useful plugins recommended to those who work on Internet.

1)Google Translate

Google Translate is a well known content translator which can translate several regional languages to English or vice versa.Conversion of one regional language into another is also possible.This translation of one language to another is made very easy with the help of this plugin.Users can select a word or a phrase when the translate option is selected and is translated to a selected languages.

You can Download this pluginĀ hereĀ 

2)Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a dictionary optimized in google search engine.This plugin makes it more simple to find meaning,origin,parts of speech of a word which is found separately in a paragraph or in an article.

You can download this plugin here


Pocket is one of the most important extensions used by readers on the internet.It is used in saving articles or videos which can be viewed later.Most of its features are free which makes it user friendly.

You can download this plugin here


Momentum is the perfect extension for peaceful and refreshing themes.It can be useful for setting a specific goal and completing it without any disturbances.It reminds you of your goal every once in a while.

You can download this plugin here

5)Save to Google Drive

Whenever you want to download a file to your PC,you can download it and upload it to your google drive account simultaneously.You can save videos,current pages and HTML 5 Audio extension files.

You can download this plugin here


Ultidash is an excellent productivity plugin used to schedule your work,monitor your time spent on different websites in a given time interval and the backgrounds also change depending on the time and date.

You can download this plugin here

7)Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow can be a necessary plugin which can be configured to set 25 min work time and 5 minutes of break time.This can be very useful if you are distract from your work often.You can set your work profile by selecting the work list and block list of websites.

You can download this plugin here


If you maintain many tabs during your browsing session,it can take up memory and slow down the system.So to maintain minimum tabs and make the interface look neat,this extension is recommended

You can download this plugin here


Boomerang can relieve a lot of personal or work stress related to emailing by setting time for sending or recieving specific emails and to set reminders inside gmail account itself.Free account can schedule 10 messages per month.

You can download this plugin here

10)Turn off the lights

This plugin decreases the brightness of the page surroundings and focus is shifted onto the video for a comfortable video watching experience.The page returns to normal state if we click on any part of the page.

You can download this plugin here

11)Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper can be a great substitute for bookmarking pages.It can be also used for specific notebook and assign tags.These bookmarked content can be accessed on any device.

You can download this plugin here

12)Grammarly for Chrome

This plugin can be helpful in correcting any gramatical,spelling or any vocabulary mistakes during typing session.This is indirectly vetted to all the social networks such as Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc

You can download this plugin here

13)Lazarus Form Recovery

This plugin can be a Lifesaver.It autosaves everything you write on web pages such as forms,posts,articles,etc.So incase of Crashes,Timeouts and Network errors,It can restore your written work in a moment.

You can download this plugin here

14)Panic Button

when you encounter a situation where you don’t want show people what you’re doing on the browser,This buttoon can be pressed and all the tabs will be hidden including incontigo tabs and all your tabs will be restored when you click on the button once again.


You can download this plugin here


LastPass is a Password manager Plugin which can store passwords from several online user accounts.This manager also gathers passwords from different password storage applications such as RoboForm, 1Password and KeePass, as well as Chrome, Firefox and IE’s built-in password.

You can download this plugin here

16)Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

This plugin can be used to capture any moments,photos,videos on any page.you can blur,comments on any saved posts and share it on social media.

You can download this plugin here

17)FVD Downloader

This plugin can be useful for downloading medias formats on any part of website.Media can be downloaded from 99% of the websites with ease.Users should keep in mind that some website media is copyrighted content so users should keep an eye on what they’re downloading.

You can download this plugin here


Pushbullet is kind of a social networking plugin.It can be used to send and recieve SMS Messages from computer.It can be used with many social networking apps such as facebook,whatsapp,kik,etc and also recieve notifications from them.

You can download this plugin here

Do you know any intresting plugins that I have missed,feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

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