I am Chaitanya V

Creating Stunning & Engaging Online Experiences Since 2013

I have been a techie since I was 10. Technology and Multimedia has been a huge part of my life but I did not hate it.

So, after becoming a major, An urge to make my thoughts and opinion ( about this growing tech world ) heard all over the world grew very strong. What other platform is greater than the Internet for fulfilling this purpose? TechStoat is the first step in the implementation of my goal.

About TechStoat

TechStoat is a technology news blog which focuses on all the the happenings, advancements and facts about the world of Internet and Technology. Technology keeps on improving, we keep informing you about it’s changes. Change is something we ought to know especially in the field of technology. Just stick with us to know how the face of technology is changing around the world.


So as of now this site is still under the radar and any tips, suggestions and questions would be highly appreciated. Please make sure you follow and spread this page on social media and help this blog grow.


V Chaitanya,

Founder and author at TechStoat.