Best Concept Prototypes at CES 2017

This year of CES had some jaw dropping automobile ideas about future car releases from several companies. Automobile ideas play an important role in the success of CES events.These are few of the concept illustrations at CES this year which certainly blew my mind.

1. Honda NeuV
Well this idea by Honda is kind of unique. For an average working person Honda assumes that almost 95% of the time, the owner won’t use the car. So keeping this fact in mind they went on to unveil a car which works like a cab when the owner is away for work or when the owner doesn’t require the presence of the car at a particular point of time. This car goes round the city picking up people and dropping them at their destination just like an Uber so the owner can earn some extra income. This doesn’t mean that it is not a good looking car.

Image courtesy – Honda

Image courtesy – Honda

The car has a very premium build with the roof made of glass. It has an excellent interior design with good amount of free space even though this car falls under the category of small cars. It has an AI called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) which basically studies the regular routine work , schedule and it can show the best route to a specific destination. HANA depends on something which is termed by the company as “Emotion Engine” which can detect the emotion based on driver’s usage of this AI.
Unfortunately there is no official word on its release but sure will give tough competition for other smaller cars if it were to release in the next 1-2 years.

2. Honda’s Riding Assistant
Do you drive on roads with a lot of traffic? Then balancing a bike in traffic can be very difficult. So Honda came up another concept, this time based on bikes called Honda’s Riding Assistant. It is a self-balancing mechanism which balances the bike automatically. It won’t even require the person to be on that bike. Not only that, the assistant is also capable of self-driving.

Unlike previous self-balancing bikes, This bike doesn’t use Gyroscopes. Instead it uses electric motors installed at specific locations to keep the handle on vibrations to keep it in balance like we do in bicycles. The bikes which have this Riding Assistant will have two modes namely the regular mode and balance mode. Under balance mode the rods holding the front wheel will be pushed forward and of course the bike will maintain minimal speed of under 3 mph when in balance mode.
Just like NevU, It does not have an official statement of when will this concept be up for production.

3. Toyota’s Concept-i
This is the car which made me wonder is the future now. Its design is certainly the most unique of all the automobiles in this list. Its exterior design is simply amazing. The company’s important focus was on AI. The AI is termed as “Yui” by Toyota. The AI is designed to build an understanding relationship with the driver so that the AI can suggest best options according to the situation like for example: taking a shorter route to office or if it is a good day, Taking a long drive with friends or family and “Yui” helping with the best route with least traffic roads. In this way the longer you interact with AI the more it understands the driver. Besides all the cool AI features, It also has all the ideal features of a futuristic smart car like autonomous driving. It is also for easy for changing modes of auto and manual driving as the steering doesn’t move away from the driver. Its notification or navigation panel are very simple and display only if you want to depending on the situation.

Image courtesy – Toyota

Image courtesy – Toyota

Image courtesy – Toyota

There is no word on when this or may be similar designed car with the same concept will be available on market. But unlike the above concepts they are testing these model cars on the roads of Japan studying the concept application in real world.

4. Chrysler Portal concept car
This concept car falls under the category of big cars or mini vans or SUVs. It is an electric car with lots of modern features. This is a car for family as it has three rows of seating. This car also features a selfie cam for social media stuff. The displays present in the vehicle help the driver or passengers engaged by recommending stuff like sharing the trip with social media.

Image Courtesy : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Image Coutrtesy : Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

It also has an intercom for clear communication between driver and rear passengers. Besides all the social media stuff it also has some great features being a car for future. It supports fast charging i.e for 15-20 minutes of charge, the car can go up to 150 miles. It will be a semi-autonomous driving which uses the help of radar and camera sensors present in it.
There is no word on when this or may be similar designed car with the same concept will be available on market.

And those are my favorites of all the concept prototypes at CES, Feel free to comment down your favorites Automobile Concepts unveiled at CES.

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