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Cyanogen Inc is shutting down its services

For those who don’t know CyanogenMod is an open source custom version of android which was first introduced on android version of Cupcake (version 1.5.x) and later supported on more than 150 devices. It offered several interesting features which were not found on many versions of android. It was assumed that in 2015 over 50 million devices all over the world. It stood as an open community which worked on custom ROM for mobiles.

After few years in 2013, founder Steve Kondik announced that venture funding had been obtained to establish Cyanogen Inc. This establishment has led to many controversies within the community of CyanogenMod.

There were recent rumors that Cyanogen was having many problems was in deep trouble. The discharge of 20% of its employees was an indication that it was in deep trouble. The COO Lior Tal became the CEO while the original CEO (Kirt McMaster) stepped down.

In a post titled “A Fork in the Road,” the team behind CyanogenMod acknowledged that the pre-holiday announcement effectively amounts to a “death blow” for their own project.

The following tweet was made by Cyanogen on December 1st  2016


At first,the new CEO has a plan to modularize the technologies that Cyanogen has developed so they can be applied to any Android phone.But now the company faced its downfall since Cyanogen Inc was established. It announced that all of its services will be stopped after December 31st  of this year.

This means that Cyanogen based OnePlus One or Lenovo Zuk Z1 – from now on won’t be getting any further updates.

But everything is not over for Cyanogen.The CyanogenMod team is working on a Lineage open source OS, which will use the CyanogenMod source code.They also created a website which states that LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was and In its post, the CyanogenMod team insists that it’s more than just a Lineage rebranding effort.For now Lineage is available as source code over on Github.


True android lovers will surely miss Cyanogen. What are your thoughts on this step by Cyanogen? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below





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