How to stay safe while using Internet

As we all know internet has become a basic requirement for our daily work,education,entertainment and more.We intend our place on the internet to be safe.

However,in the present generation of online media,our privacy and security is being compromised due to factors such as posting non discrete information on networking websites,hacking,irresponsibility of the users to protect their personal information,etc.To protect our privacy online,we must have an idea of how to play safe on the web.

Vulnerable Scenarios

1)Stealing from your Mailbox

As we all know emails  are so important these days ,that all our personal  details are in them.From banking details to personal information.Not being safe while accessing ,them might eventually end up the user in serious problems like theft of identity,banking details and personnel details.

2)Phishing Emails

Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by pretending as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

3)Telemarketing calls

Have you ever got a call,from a random sales guy saying sir we have recently launched a product or something.Then be careful as you are under the eye of people who want to exploit your peace of mind by using your sensitive.information for there promotions.

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4)Using public wifi

With increase in wireless technology,wifi’s have become so common these days that we find them every where,restaurants,shopping malls,and almost all public places.But only the few of them have monitoring facility’s.

Most of the information we enter on theses free wifi networks can easily be accessed by third party’s.And sometimes might give hackers  a special privilege to hack into your device by creating backdoors onto your device,hackers can access all multimedia of information in  your device.

5)Weak passwords

We are lazy enough to compromise our security than setting up a   password that’s strong enough to protect us from,privacy issues.Most of the  hacking incidents that happen are due to users keeping very weak passwords that can be easily guessed,by the hackers.Using a password like 12345 or your dog name,home name,wife name or even your own name,can easily guessed by the tools that are used by hackers.So always try to use a password of various combinations as possible and keep changing it frequently.

6)Downloading attachments from spam

Spammers gather many number of email addresses from different sources such as banking accounts and social networking sites.They send us unnecessary and unimportant mails hoping that we check their mail and open the link inside it.Usually they contain virus or fraud schemes to lure you into their trap.Ignoring these type of mails is the best thing we can do.

“Don’t open that email! Oh… too late.”


7)Downloading torrents

Torrent downloads is also another major source for malwares and trojans.These type of malwares usually slow down the system or secretly install applications which compromises the privacy of the user.Users who download or transfer files using P2P medium should know that you should only download torrents which are certified by the well known torrent engines such as Bit-torrent.


1)Email protection

When most users log into their accounts, they enter their username and a password and they’re in. This is known as single-factor authorization and it is indeed secure, but there’s an even more secure way to log into important accounts.

Two-factor authorization uses an additional security credential to access an account like a fingerprint or a unique pattern. This way, if someone does gain access to your basic login information, they’d also need access to your fingerprint or unique pattern to access your account info.


2)Update your firewall and antivirus software up to date

Updating your antivirus software and software on a regular basis helps maintain safe internet access.It helps in recognizing and eliminating new and different type of malware made by spammers or hackers.

3)Avoid public wifi network usage

As mentioned earlier, It is recommended to connect to own or secure private networks when accessing important information or making important transactions.

4)Avoid posting sensitive information on social media

Now a days,people are non hesitant about posting their photos,videos about their daily life.According to the Pew Research Center survey, 95 percent of teens ages 12 to 17 use the Internet and 80 percent of those online teens use social media sites.Meeting people online has become a trend recently.Seeing someone you met over the Internet can be extremely dangerous, resulting in possible sexual assault or even murder.

5)Always check your privacy

Either the government or the developer of the site is not responsible for user’s safety,its the user who has to protect him from problems.As a famous quote from history  says ” prevention is better than   cure”.Think twice before giving any personnel information to any un-authorised  sites and emails.

6)https access

In most browsers and information heavy websites, there is a way to force a HTTPS connection when available. This connection adds another level of encrypted security when logging in, making it even more difficult for data thieves to gather your information when logging in.Its a way security.Even though you can’t completely rely on  sites that have https connection,in a way they could save you at times.

7)Think before you click

If you keep your safety as the top most priority,you can be safe at any possible time and from any malicious attacks.So think before you click anything suspicious or sites you don’t have an idea.

Finally,internet has taken a huge space in our lives like never before in the history.So it’s we the users who have to make a pledge to keep internet safer and secure,and teach the same to generations to come. The tips above should help ensure your security online while still providing the convenience online access offers.

Thanks you one and all, Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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