All you need to know about Google Allo

Google Allo was introduced by Google on May 18th 2016 and released on September 21 2016 and was made available on both android and IOS.It is an instant mobile messaging app developed for ease of communication between users.

Google Allo has a wide range of intresting and unique features which separates itself from other messaging apps.

Setting Up your Google Allo account is very simple.It is based on phone numbers like other normal messaging apps.It has easy user  interface

It has a simple and normal chat interface which dosen’t confuse new users.Its media sharing is also very simple and similar to facebook and whatsapp messengers.It can also send emojis,create groups from phone or google contacts which is an important feature in modern messaging apps.


What seperates Google allo from other messaging applications is that it comprises of some special features which are only available from Google

A feature which google likes to call Shout or whisper is a fun little addition to the normal chatting system.While sending a message while chat sessions, holding the send button before sending a message will pop up a slide bar on the send button.By holding the button still,Users can drag the send button upwards to create a message with a larger font and send it.This large font is termed as Shout by the google.Similarly users can also drag the send button down by holding it will send a message with smaller font.This was termed as whisper.These features are also available for group chats to add extra fun and emotion while chatting.

It also has incontigo mode while chatting with end to end encryption for discreet communication.

Stickers are also a fine addition to Google Allo.Users can select from wide range of Stickers.Users can also add extra stickers by downloading the data required to use them online.Many variety of stickers are added frequently.

It also consists of a very sleek photo editor which can edit Photos and videos without breaking any sweat.

Another feature which can redefine the usage of messaging applications is google assistant.It is like Google now or siri on android devices or Iphones.It basically can suggest replies for messages,send messages when we narrate them to it and it can also play games such as Doodle games,Quiz games related to General knowledge,Hollywood, with users just like a normal friend who is plays chatting games with you.It can essentially perform all the functions of Google now inside the app.


A feature worth mentioning is google current location feature in Google Allo.It can Send your location to users by pressing send button instantly.You can also share your location in chat groups.

Google Allo is improving everyday with constant updates and new additional features to Google assistant.It has become favourite to many social messaging app users.

It easily has the potential to be the best one in the market.

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