Nokia 3310 Relaunch : A nostalgic feeling

Nokia 3310 Relaunch : A nostalgic feeling

Nokia is rumored to re-launch one of the most iconic phones in the world of mobile technology, the Nokia 3310. This phone marked a new era in the company’s history. This phone was announced on September 1 2000 and was supposed to be a replacement for 3210 model of the same brand. This post focuses on my favourite things of the most loved phone of all time.


It is no secret that this phone was and still is the most indestructible phone. It had a monochromatic display of 84×48 px. Its build doesn’t consist of any metal parts, due to its casing mechanism the build withstands several forms of force on it. This type of durability is not yet seen in any smartphones released till date.

body design

Its body design also enabled case manufacturers to make a wide variety of cases with unique designs (who’s protective function was completely unnecessary though). This helps user to personalize the look of their phone.


Another reason why this phone is still popular among people is the battery life. The battery had 2 variants (900mah and 1000mah). No matter what the variant, the phone literally lasted for weeks. There are several memes on its strong build and battery build like the one below.


Games are also one of the reasons why many people love this phone. It had four games Bantumi, Paris II, Space Impact and last but definitely not the least Snake II. Snake II was the most trending games at that time and personally I loved playing Snake II and Space Impact all day on this device.


Above are my favourite features of this device. There are also features such Customizable ringtones and Customizable welcome screen which most of the modern smartphones fail to deliver.

Price tag is rumoured to be around €59. It may or may not come with the same original features but we can’t deny the fact that this is one of the highest selling phone (127 million pieces) and holds a special place in people’s minds as well as bringing a nostalgic feeling when they hear about this phone.


Are you a fan of Nokia 3310? Feel free to share your thoughts and the things you like about this device. And also don’t forget to share this post with your friends and on social media.

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