Why Tesla will dominate the future electric car market

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Tesla is an automaker company founded in 2005 by Elon Musk. It is famous for its electric cars and at present there are three models currently available on the market namely Tesla Model S, Model X and the newest Model 3(with model 3s coming soon).

These cars are currently very high in demand and the buyer should deposit $1000 to reserve one. So below are few reasons why Tesla may dominate the future market of electric cars.

Ahead of the competition

Although competitors like BMW and Audi were a century earlier into the automobile industry, Tesla took the least time (3 years) of all car manufacturing companies in implementing the concept of an electric car into the real world.


Although many companies came out with their own versions of electric cars, they were bland and don’t seem to perform well in the real world. This is a different scenario in case of Tesla. Their cars look and feel premium and perform exceptionally well. The Model S is arguably the fastest electric car in the market today and its design also looks more like a premium car than an expensive toy. This also applies to the SUV variant Model X and the budget friendly Model 3.

Value for money

The cost to performance ratio of the Tesla cars is by far the best compared to the other company electric cars. For example lets compare two electric cars, one from Tesla and the other from BMW.

Image source: Claudia Assis at MarketWatch.


Above we can see the comparison between BMW hybrid Electric cars and Tesla pure electric Model S. As we can see Tesla Model S outperforms BMW i3 in all the categories at half the price. It also outperforms the i8 model in few areas such as the range without the extender.

Final thoughts

If this is the case for few more years, Tesla has a very good chance of owning the future market of electric cars.

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