What You Should Really Know About Ancient Inventions

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When we hear the word ancient art, the first thing that comes into our mind is the wheel. The wheel is not the only invention that made a revolutionary impact on our lives. So below are some of the ancient inventions that carved Today’s modern world.


Measuring seismic waves is not a new thing. The first seismometer was invented in 132 AD by Zhang Heng of Han Dynasty (China). Its design consists of a bronze body with a diameter of 2 meters. It has 8 dragon bodies made of bronze attached in all the directions with a metal ball in every dragon mouth. Whenever this seismometer detects a seismic wave, a dragon drops the metal ball into a metal toad installed right below every dragon mouth.

Which dragon drops the ball depends on the direction of the seismic wave. It was reported that it detected the most sensitive of the seismic waves. It was one of the inventions that was ahead of time.

Flying Machines

We all can agree on the fact that mankind always wanted to fly one way or another. It all started in China and India when people started flying kites during 5th century BC. Rotor Wings were also prevailing at that time.

Then in 15th century, It was Da Vinci who first wrote about design of flying machines. One of his famous designs is a hand glider whose flying mechanism resembled that of a bird. Later, hot air balloons came into existence and were experimented for transportation purpose.

In 19th century Sir George Cayley designed the first modern heavier-than-air craft.

Later in early 20th century, the Wright brothers experimented with their ‘Flyer’ models and the rest is history.


Probably the first machine to launch projectiles, was first mentioned in 8th century BC. Being developed from earlier Greek weapons, its mechanism mainly relied on torsion springs. First versions projected stones and darts and later smaller, more precise versions were developed. These earlier versions of Ballista can be seen in many movies such as Alexander, Gladiator, Lord of the rings series, etc.

Fire lance

Before guns, there were fire lances dating as the year 950 in China. The basic parts of a fire lance consisted of a bamboo tube, gun powder and a slow match strapped to a spear. Of course it was evolving like any other weapon. This weapon was prevailing from 1st century to the late 15th century.

Flexible glass

One of the most peculiar subjects in the history of science, the flexible glass which was heard have existed during the reign of Tiberius Caesar. The name of the inventor is unknown but his fate was quite unfortunate.


A story

It all started during 15-37 AD ie during the time when Caesar was the ruling emperor. One day, the craftsman who invented this technique showed the king a drinking bowl which was made of flexible glass. The king tried his best to break it but the material only dented and the glass was fixed by just reshaping it with a hammer.

From here the story has two variations proposed by different craftsman during that time.

One claims that he was sentenced to death immediately due to the fear in king’s mind that his techniques would undermine the values of costly materials such as gold and silver.

Another version of the story is that first the unknown craftsman was exiled him due to king’s jealousy. To crave King’s pardon he approached the king and while doing so he supposedly (intentionally) let a goblet fall and bruised it. This made the king furious. Although he fixed it in an instant, he was beheaded.

Although the story has few different variations, Unfortunately the outcome was the same.



As you can see, Ancient inventions like these paved the way for the world it is today. So it is important that we learn from the past so that incidents like in the above story never happen.


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